Bruxism - teeth grinding

Teeth grinding, bruxism as it is called, wears away the teeth and can cause jaw fractures, jaw pain and misalignment. It needs attention and it can be stopped.

Feedback from clients in London suggests that grinding and clenching of the teeth is common amongst city workers with tight deadlines and work stress. Mouth guards to wear at night are commonly prescribed by Dentists, though few people seem to persevere with them due to the inconvenience.

Because this is such a prevalent condition I usually include wording in the first hypnotherapy session to relax the jaw and drop the habit. Deep anger or trauma can be a cause so it is worth while having a consultation. My hypnotherapy recording, Unwinding, ungrinding, is designed to help with this problem. Listen nightly for a couple of weeks, let it relax you to sleep, and if no change after a month come for a consultation. See article June 2010 on my blog

Marilyn Tuck

Marilyn Tuck

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