Worrying. Do you worry?

Many people worry. They worry about themselves, their kids, their parents. They worry about their health, their job, their past, their future, and they worry about what other people think, in fact everything. Some say they are born worriers.
A classic worrier will think 'What if this happens?', and 'What if that happens?'

Maybe you can relate to these examples?

Rose was in her 70's, a widow, having to manage on her own, and missing having someone there to talk to. She was feeling alone even though her family kept an eye on her. However, they were wrapped up in their own lives and she hated bothering them.

She worried about minor things, and then one day someone was impatient with her and she started to worry about what she was doing, and to question whether she was doing it right. The self doubt crept in and she worried about remembering things, like her pills, and times.

Luckily her daughter knew me, (she was worrying about her mum), and I was able to visit Rose and help. I was an objective person, she was able to tell me things she didnt want to bother her family, or Doctor, with. It was reassuring. I introduced her to hypnotherapy, which she loves, and now she settles down on the couch each afternoon and listens to one of the special CDs I have done for her.

Little does she know her daughter is doing much the same! They are both sleeping better, feeling much stronger and getting along so much better.
Yes, Mike's company was downsizing, noone knew who would go next. He was worrying whether he was good enough, and as people had already gone and not been replaced he, like others, had had to take up the slack. There was more work, more deadlines and he was working long hours. He was tired and concerned. There was the mortgage and bills. His wife was working, too. The kids were growing up. He had committments and responsibilities. He had seen how not having a job had affected his brother-in-law and he didnt want to be in the same boat. No wonder he was worrying.

Somehow he found me. We prioritised. Firstly we worked on the sleeping which helped him to think more clearly and make better decisions. We found him more energy and focus, and boosted his self confidence. He was able to take better control of his work schedule, his team and we even stopped him smoking which not only made him feel healthier but continually gives him back money that previously would have gone up in smoke. His boss is relying on him more and he now feels much safer.
Sonya was ok driving familiar routes but not at all confident about getting out of her comfort zone and going on a motorway. I have seen many people with this worry.

She was recommended to me and we worked primarily with extending her present confidence and releasing the self doubt. Hypnotherapy is useful in that when you are relaxed you can rehearse situations in your mind, like a dream, and see it all happening well. You get the understanding that it can be done much more easily than you imagined. Sonya imagined driving further and she found she could. Of course, the more practice she had the further she went. She even had a delightful weekend with her Nan some distance away

So, how can we help you to stop worrying?

This is a natural process, there are no drugs or medication involved, nor long term counselling. With caring help, and the powerful techniques of hypnotherapy and EFT, you are taught how to release your worries and increase your confidence. You are taught how to be proactive, so that in the future you can recognise any worrying traits and help yourself get over them. As all my clients know, I care and am always at the end of a phone should you need to call.

There are relaxing sleep audios to listen to here. I suggest you try Powering Down first as it help dispense thoughts so you can sleep.

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