Women's health

Women's health

Help for women's health issues

Many of the treatments listed on the pages within this website cover women's health issues but I will list some more specific ones. Things you and I get, things our neighbours, friends and family may have. Girls things. The sort of things you may talk about, or just put up with.

The important thing to know is that there really relief - you don't have to put up with anything. You actually can, and should, do something about it.

We all know what premenstrual tension, or premenstrual syndrome, is. Most women have it at some stage of their lives. Emotions run rampant and often quite out of character. Our poor partners and families have to put up with it for years.

Did you realise that you can deal with this time of the month without the stress? Perhaps you should try it out. Both hypnotherapy and EFT tapping are real alternatives to pills and potions.
Quite often women come to see me for a completely unrelated issue and note afterwards their periods have returned. This is because hypnotherapy can balance the bodys hormonal and reproductive systems. Come along and let's get your body working properly, I have trained in menstrual health and can help it back into it's natural rhythm.
Take for instance fibroids. Many women have these. A doctor once told me 40% of women have fibroids at some stage in their lives. Wow! And what do you do about them? Well, you continue to put up with the excess blood loss, and the expanding stomach until you have a hysterectomy or go through menopause when they might shrivel up. There is not a lot else that can be done, and that is a shame for those who have not had children yet, or those wanting more.

I had a hysterectomy a few years ago, it went well and I have been delighted with the results but if I had known about hypnotherapy ten years before that, when I first developed my large fibroids, I would have would have dealt with them before they got out of hand.

Very little has been documented on fibroids and hypnotherapy and I am really interested in progressing this. If you have them, and wish to deal with them, what say you give me a call and we can work something out.
Hot flushes, mood swings, weight gain, sore joints, bladder problems, loss of libido, pain, fatigue or insomnia all of these, and more, are signs of menopause. They can go on for years, too.

If you are going through this do call me. I will teach you how to calm yourself. The techniques are completely natural, you can self medicate whenever you like. Here is a summarised report on a study of hypnosis with menapausal women.
Come for help with sexuality, libido, vaginismus, weight, cancer, stroke, rape, bereavement, HIV, heart problems, cancer recovery, and other bothering, debilitating, or traumatic things we encounter in our lives. These techniques can make a huge difference. I have seen it!

You would just be amazed at how effective your own mind can be in tuning into, repairing and healing your own body.

Help to sleep and relax with these nice hypnotic audio recordings.


Women, don't put up with pain, or discomfort
Do something about it!
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Marilyn Tuck

Marilyn Tuck

As a competent hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner my skills include listening, understanding, motivation and life coaching to help people just like you to feel better.

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