Weight loss & eating disorders

Weight loss & eating disorders

Help for natural weight loss

Some people call it weight loss, but this is not about losing and finding your fat again. This is all about reducing your weight and maintaining the new nice slimmer shape. Weight loss with hypnosis and EFT is a very motivating experience. You change in many lovely ways.

There is no special food, no food diaries, no pills, no shakes, no daily weighing! You start eating, drinking and gentle exercising without really thinking about it too much at all, naturally. And, between us, we get to the bottom of your fat so you understand why it started.

Many people have asked me the same question.
Maureen was one such person. She came to me lethargic and with a similar '3 stone' weight cry. She was approaching 50 and wanted a life change.

She had four hypnotherapy sessions. By the end of September she was in New York shopping for a complete new wardrobe, underwear, the lot! A size 10 by December. In March she ran a half marathon! She says she is 'in the zone' and looks fantastic.
Do you get those bothering negative thoughts, the ones that try to sabotage you from starting or continuing to lose weight? Like these:
`I know I shouldn't have the chocolate, but ...'
or, 'I'll do the diet when I finish the box.'
or, 'I will go to the gym this morning but first I need to clean the house ... '
or, 'I'll just make a phone call and then I will go... '
and you never do get the exercise. It's all just too much effort!

Well, we fix this, and we increase your motivation, your confidence, and your focus. Then you really can reduce your weight permanently.
When you team up with a professional two people are committed to achieving a good result, so much better than one!
Together we will look at your weight reduction holistically. While the right food and exercise are important factors in a weight management programme we need to see the whole picture to be able to maintain the weight loss for good.
If you suffer bulimia then please know I can help. We work a special programme just for you and, like others who have come, it is most likely you will notice some immediate lovely small changes. We work together as a team to take the overwhelm out of it, making you feel so much better in yourself and about yourself, with food a more natural part of your life.
I am a licenced Hypno-Band practitioner which means I can tell the body that it has a gastric band and it thinks and responds as if it has.

A gastric band is a device inserted surgically to make the stomach smaller to cut down on the amount of food able to be consumed and thus reduce weight. It is an expensive procedure with all the unknowns of surgery, healing and time. Having a Hypno-Band is a fraction of the price, effective, and can be loosened or removed over time.

It is to be remembered that weight gain often has emotional roots and in my therapy these are explored first, whereas this is not necessarily the case with the surgical gastric band.

The Hypno-Band programme and surgery is available in both clinics. Ring for a chat to find out more.
My weight loss audio series in mp3 format is proving a very successful program. All you do is download the five recordings from my website and listen daily. There are no personal sessions, no travelling, no pills or potions. You do it yourself in your own time. And, it fits nicely in with a school term, an eating or an exercise program. This series gives you a new healthy mindset and I can't recommend it enough.

The best way of explaining this is for you to watch this video and then click here to the weight loss recordings pages

It is good. The results are speaking for themselves with people losing a stone in the first 3 weeks, 2 stone after 2 months. They are reporting it very simple to do and maintain. If you want to do this on your own do so.

However, if you want something a little more supportive and hand holding the ultimate is the Bolt to Success weight loss programme. See below.

To lose weight successfully you need the right mindset. This very supportive weight loss programme covers that.

Over three months we quickly remove blockages and self sabotaging actions and we get you into a healthy lifestyle comfortably eating, drinking and exercising in a way that suits you best without necessarily thinking about it at all.

This is a comprehensive weight loss programme, like no other available

  • 6 hours of in depth skype/personal consultations, including initial free phone consultation of 20-30 minutes. 
  • an online program of 40 modules to work on at home which include: 
  • full responsive email support

As you Bolt-to-Success you will:

  • drop eating rubbish food and drink
  • focus on eating healthily
  • know when to eat and when to stop
  • learn how to control cravings
  • release battling food thoughts right out of your head

and you will:

  • learn to relax and destress
  • be calmer
  • sleep better
  • feel stronger
  • free yourself of past emotional upsets
  • find you are standing up for yourself
  • be motivated to exercise to tone and shape up
  • feel good in the new clothes you can wear
  • have the tools to keep yourself motivated and on-track 

The hypnotherapy will encourage healthy eating, smaller portions, more fluids, gentle exercise, and confidence. As well as learning how to bust cravings with EFT you will find and release issues affecting your weight gain, things you may not even be aware of. And, I am here to keep you motivated and accountable. You are the No.1 priority!

This is the ultimate weight loss programme, completely encompassing, and completely different to anything else available. Email to book your free initial phone consultation to get to grips with it immediately 

There should be no reason why you cannot take control of your weight. Come on, let us both work together to achieve this!  Find out if this is for you - email to book your free consultation her

View testimonials here. The On-track hypnosis for weight loss mp3 series below.

My whole life has changed, not only have I reduced my size but I am so much more motivated and focused


Do you want to lose weight naturally?
The sooner you start the sooner you are sizes smaller
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Marilyn Tuck

Marilyn Tuck

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