Have you got tinnitus?

People who have tinnitus describe it as a ringing in the ears, although it can take the form of sounds like crickets or mosquitoes, a shushing, and anything from a low decibel range to a high pitched scream. All report that it is constant, always there. For some people the tinnitus is so bad they cannot concentrate, in extreme cases, it leads to acute anxiety.

I have studied with Kevin Hogan Psy.D. who had extreme tinnitus himself and spent some years researching and trying as many methods as he could to alleviate it. As a hypnotherapist he finally developed a combined treatment plan which he stuck to, and now has normal hearing. As a result of his success he was approached by other people, desperate to remove their tinnitus, and he set about providing consultations to help them. With the information he gathered he wrote a book, Tinnitus: Turning the Volume Down. This is an immensely helpful book for all Tinnitus sufferers. You will find it on his website www.kevinhogan.com

An American he has subsequently trained other therapists in his work and there are various people dotted throughout the world able to help tinnitus sufferers. Be wary though, it is a difficult condition to shift, this noise that constantly loops in the head. You need a properly trained and experienced practitioner and you need to be prepared to hang in there with your treatment and know that most people get 40%, or greater relief, with this method.

Nothing: Many people do nothing. They just put up with it, learning to ignore it most of the time and avoiding noisy places where they find they cannot hear any conversation at all.

Leave it awhile and see what happens: Putting off help gives the tinnitus more time to be re-looped and spread in your memory patterns. The longer it is left the less effective treatment will be.

Medical help: Your GP will refer you on to a consultant. Insist on an MRI to rule out a tumour. Insist on an audiogram, too. Be prepared to ask all the varying treatment options. Money available through private health insurance, or national health, determines the amount of time allocated and this may not be enough. Find out what happens afterwards, will you be able to continue privately, with the same therapist, or not. Often you are not able to and this treatment will take longer than 6, 45 minute sessions. You will need to choose a good therapist, one you get on with, and someone who offers longer sessions

Alcohol: Alcohol can produce mixed results. The object is not to become dependent upon it as naturally you end up with two evils instead of one!

Medication: some low doses of certain anti-anxiety medications can help. It may be that the noise gets worse before it gets better. I have details if you want to call.

Hearing aids and white noise: Hearing aids for tinnitus can include 'masking noise' or 'white noise' which means that they produce the same frequency, or a bit lower, than the present noise and this may cancel it out. Listening to a nice music on ipod, at a slightly lower decibel level, can do the same job. Don't spend a fortune on hearing aids without insisting on a trial.

Osteopathy: Certain osteopathy techniques can help, check with your osteopath.

Food: Naturally, for any illness or long term condition you should cut out processed foods and those high in artificial sugars, salts, and fats. It has been noted that some foods may increase the tinnitus, so be aware of what you eat and alter to suit.

Supplements: B12, homeopathy and chinese herbal medicines are available. Some can offer noise reduction for you, or they may not.

Rest and sleep: Many people find tinnitus energy draining and sleep is the only time they have peace. Relaxation and sleep is important.

Deal with emotional issues: Contrary to what many people think stress has a huge impact on tinnitus. Finding a way to let go of this such as with hypnotherapy, EFT, and counselling can make a big difference. These form a part of my treatment protocol.

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