Study, exams & dissertations

Study, exams & dissertations

Improving your learning and study methods

We are learning all the time but there are times when we need to develop skills to learn better so we can hand in well thought out assignments, pass exams, as well as GCSE and A levels, and present great dissertations.

Good focus and repetitiion are important for study but you may wonder how to make it easier and how to recall the work at just the right moments?

Using your own mindpower can save much time and effort. We call it hypno-learning, and it uses hypnosis to help with learning, hypnotherapy and EFT for focus in study and exams. The beauty is that you can learn how to do it yourself right now.

Your unconscious mind is like the hard drive of your computer, a huge storage mechanism for all the things you have ever done and experienced throughout your life.

You know how much quicker your computer works when it's had a scan, and when you have done some housekeeping and got rid of unnecessary files?

Well, your unconscious mind works in much the same way. It works best when it is cleared prior to the information coming in. It works better if you are focused as it enters and better when you are relaxed and confident as you recall it.
Hypnotherapy and EFT can make all the difference.

You are taught to relax yourself so you calm down, focus and concentrate. You learn to allow your brain to absorb the learning like a sponge. You learn how to make use of both hemispheres to help. You learn how past successes help future ones. If you suffer procrastination or anxieties these are helped, and you learn how to be confident and assertive.

  • Adults - people who havent studied for years, and those with negative associations to education such as bullying or shyness
  • Students - those lacking motivation, wanting to maximise their study time, and those who want to improve their handling of exam time, any age and even hypnosis for GCSE's and A levels not to mention other important assignments and exams.
  • Parents - you will teach your child skills for life when you let them experience hypnotherapy, under your watchful eye. You will save on tuition fees and improve your child's ability to cope, learn, and perform, both at school and at home.
  • Children - to improve confidence, retention and recall. Helpful to those with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties.
  • Artists and authors wanting to overcome mental blocks, boost their motivation and writing time
  • Others who want to improve their memory, assist recovery from stroke, fight dementia, and improve recovery from mental and emotional issues
  • Procrastinators- Hypnosis techniques help people who keep putting off study or assignments until the last deadline and then panic to get it all done on time.

Put yourself in the driver's seat. Your first practical driving lesson has just finished. You were a little bit bumpy, there's lots to remember, and do, all at the same time. You wonder how you will manage out on a busy road, and you remember that your instructor says you may need 14 lessons before the test. It could be quite expensive. However, you have made the first move and the vision of driving your own car is stronger.

Wouldn't it be nice to maximise your learning?... to get these lessons over and done in as short a time as possible, to really enjoy them, and save yourself some money. Had you thought about using hypnotherapy to achieve this? Well, maybe now is the time to do so.

Thank you to Vicky who sent this
After a break in education of several years, I recently returned to university to complete a Masters course. I found my concentration levels to be very low, both in lectures and home reading and was very concerned that I was getting behind in my studies.
I went to see Marilyn with some reservations about hypnotherapy and can honestly say that since my sessions with her I have been able to focus at a level of which I had never
previously found possible, even in my undergraduate degree. I found her to be a kind and empathetic person with a genuine desire for me to see improvements as quickly as possible, in as few sessions as possible.Aug 2010

Abi passed her driving test ...
I was worried about my driving lessons so I had a couple of sessions of hypnotherapy with Marilyn. My confidence improved, I was not anxious anymore and I passed my test the first time! Mar 2007

You really can improve your own methods of focus, storing and recall.You can maximise your time and money by being confident as you learn.You can pass your tests/exam better than you had imagined. All it may take is a little bit of relaxing hypnosis.

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  • The hypnotherapy helped to reinforce what I felt I ought to be doing. Marilyn has given me the kick I needed to progress.
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