Time to Sleep easier

Would you like to sleep like this? There may be many reasons why you can't.

At night your unconscious mind processes all the days activities and prepares itself for the next day. You wake up alert when this job has been done.

However, a sleepless night can mean processing hasn't occured properly. You don't feel refreshed the next morning. The backlog of processing waits until another night. Continual sleepless nights can mean your mind becomes overloaded. You can become stressed, lethargic and sick.

Try out these techniques and if they do not work come and see me

Look around you, lack of sleep could relate to your comfort. Perhaps you have had too much caffeine before bed, or you been inactive all day? Check these out.

  • Do you need a new pillow?
  • What about your mattress?
  • Do some light exercise first, like up and down the stairs a few times
  • Have a nice warm soaking bath
  • Replace coffee with cocoa at night
  • Have fresh air in the room
  • Perhaps your partner snores, you need to encourage him/her to lie on his/her side all night long. If this doesn't work come and learn how to deal with it

Maybe you can't sleep because you have too much on your mind; emotional issues such as work, finances, health or family worries? If this hits your button try some of these remedies.

  • Talk out your thoughts before bed, clear your mind ready for sleep
  • Write down your thoughts at night, they can be very useful the next day
  • Read for a while to take your mind into another world
  • Don't go to sleep on an argument, make up first
  • Visualise another place, take your mind away from the present.
  • Come and see me. Hypnotherapy is very good at clearing the clutter from your mind so you can blank out and sleep, allowing your mind to process all night

Maybe you are scared to sleep, or are in pain and uncomfortable.

  • Count sheep as your grandmother probably told you to, or
  • Count slowly backwards from 300 as you think of a pleasant place
  • Try the visualisation techniques above
  • In pain? Would you like to learn to control your pain yourself and learn how to relax? There are some really lovely ways I can help you manage and reduce your discomfort with hypnotherapy, and I can even come to you if you can not travel out 

Whether your tiredness is a result of jetlag or something deeper, such as pain, trauma, anxiety, bereavement, loss, stroke, even relationships, these techniques will make a difference. EFT deals with worries, hypnotherapy teaches you utter relaxation. You learn gentle techniques to help you sleep anytime.

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You deserve to sleep
Hypnotherapy will give you the tools to do so
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Marilyn Tuck

Marilyn Tuck

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