Pregnancy and birth

Pregnancy and birth

Pregnancy and birth, naturally

Have you thought about improving your birthing experience with hypnosis?
Hypnotherapy has been well evidenced as a means to relaxing muscles, and assisting with pregnancy, labour, and post natal comfort for both yourself and your baby.

When you feel comfortable and confident about the total process you can allow your baby to grow, and be born, in a more natural way - less drug use, less medical intervention, better and quicker recovery, a more placid baby and, naturally, a happier you.

Here are ways hypnosis can help

During that first trimester your body is changing, adjusting to the little person growing there. Hypnotherapy can help you tune into, and prepare your organs to nurture your child well. These may include help with eating habits, adjusting to mood swings or tiredness, general help with any worries that may appear in your life. More specifically EFT or hypnosis can assist with anxiety over any medical procedures such as needle phobia, examination discomfort. I have even helped people with low or high blood pressure, and to reduce sugar count in some diabetics.
Morning sickness is not a pleasant experience, especially if it continues on past the first trimester. Hypnotherapy techniques have helped many to ease and alleviate this. Give me a call, let's discuss.
Well, we all know that smoking during pregnancy is a big No No. However, people do it and cannot stop. Poor baby suffers. There are so many toxins in each cigarette, so many deadly poisons, all infiltrating your baby! You are not setting yourself, nor your baby, up for a good start.

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking is an absolute no brainer at this time. Deal with your smoking now! Protect your baby. Ring now, I will give you a priority appointment. ph 07962 811907
The third trimester can be a very intuitive time. You've had your scan, your baby is growing and moving and becoming a real person. You may know the sex and have chosen names. It is likely you are noticing a little personality developing by the way he/she moves and the time of day when activity takes place. This is a lovely time to start preparing for the birth. Relaxing during hypnotherapy allows you to connect with your child and can set the scene for a wonderful birth and bonding.
Cases have shown that should labour commence prematurely, if a hypnotherapist is available within 12 hours, muscles can be relaxed, baby and mother can settle down and the distress can dissipate allowing a normal pregnancy and birth to continue.
Using hypnosis a trained hypnotherapist can encourage your muscles to turn your baby to the correct birthing position. This will happen naturally and, if not fairly soon after, then quite likely within the next couple of days.
There are few women now who have not heard how hypnotherapy can help with natural childbirth. Techniques for relaxation, labour rehearsal, and handling pain, are excellent. You actually learn how to tune into your body and give it what it needs.

Documented success rates show that mothers to be who have learned hypnotic procedures prior to labour have easier and shorter labour times, little, if any, analgesics or surgical intervention, fewer complications and rarely post natal depression. In fact feedback shows that nearly all would do it again with their next baby!.

Come and see me at 32 weeks, or earlier. Learn how to make your pregnancy and labour easier and become a confident wife and mother. ph 07962 811907

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