Improving performance

Had you thought just how much better your work, hobby, study, sex, or sports performance could be by just improving your mental focus and consistency? With hypnotherapy it's pretty simple and certainly worth doing. You should give it a go and quickly notice the difference!

  • You stimulate and empower yourself with your own mindset
  • You attain your own highs naturally
  • Your performance and output consistently improve
  • You are more chilled out and confident in your own ability

If you want to:

  • score consistently better
  • be less anxious, more relaxed
  • forget what happened before, be focused on the present
  • reshape old techniques
  • master new techniques
  • develop team dynamics
  • heal injuries


And if you want to:

  • manage your 'other' time better
  • improve your relationships
  • control your weight, stress, sleeping, drinking or smoking
  • de-clutter your mind
  • deal with past events
  • be successful and happy

Well, you definitely could do with some hypnotherapy and/or EFT!

Whatever your sport (athletics, golf, shooting, team sports, individual sports, any sports) you can learn to relax into it, improve techniques, visualise success, be more consistent and get that special mindset to beat your competitor. With hypnotherapy and EFT we can clear negative thoughts and give you positivity and motivation to succeed.

I work specifially with relaxation and the four C's - calmness, confidence, concentration, consistency. We discuss what you need to do to improve your performance, and the level you want to achieve. Setting steps towards this I give you the techniques to positively move there. Your mind is a wonderful resource, use it! Audios support this programme.

And if you are off with an injury a private consultation using Hypnotherapy and/or EFT will help your body to heal itself more quickly. The relaxation, healing and pain relief audio downloads here can help as well.

I do offer interesting and fun classes and talks to all sports groups.

Improving your work performance will make whatever you do more enjoyable and lead you on up the ladder more quickly than might otherwise have been the case. It may involve confidence boosting, time management skills, social interaction, presentation or other skills and techniques. It could be you need to manage stress better. Work life balance is important as you progress.
I wonder what your hobby is? It could be anything from chess to flying. It may involve study or competition and you may have moments when you are better than others at it.
Perhaps it is target shooting. It is similar to golf and I work extensively in both these areas. Look for more on my golf page
If you want to study better click here for the learning page and find out how hypnotherapy, and I, can help you in this field. It is really worthwhile.
Sexual, physical or emotional issues can place stress on any relationship. Often there is no explained reason for a lack of satisfaction, frustration or lethagy in this area. Often one partner can see it and the other cannot. Often one holds back and won't discuss it. In some cases it is the result of lack of self esteem or emotions, such as depression, anger, anxiety, sadness, hurt, guilt, jealousy or envy. Whatever it is the results can be miserable for both partners.

It is no use harping on about it, silently stifling yourself, putting up with it, or waiting for your partner to change. You could be still in the same place in years to come. Take control now, make the change yourself and notice the difference. Come for a safe confidential chat and let us find a way to make you feel, and act, lots better with either hypnotherapy or EFT .
Your team, group or club can really benefit from learning about hypnotherapeutic techniques. I am happy to come and give a short talk, answer questions and even give you a short group relaxation session to sample the benefits. Call me and lets arrange a time. Phone 07962 811907
Sarah Jane was competing in the London marathon. She was physically well prepared but she was concerned about staying focused and running for the entire time and she knew she couldn't handle hot weather, she had always been like that. We worked with both of these issues hoping the weather would be suitable.

The day dawned a scorcher, none of her family expected her to start, let alone finish, little did they know about her hypnotherapy. On finishing Sarah Jane said she never once anticipated stopping. Amazingly she found the heat hadn't bothered her although she ran on as others fell.

As she put it,'The experience was amazing, all the people watching, and running down the Mall towards Buckingham Palace was incredibly uplifting at the end. I am so glad I did it'. What an achievement!
Black belt karate grading is tough: 12 examiners, the fight, the moves, and after about 2 hours when you are exhausted, there's the kata. It's a long process and you have to remember and execute every move correctly. Maria was petrified. She wasn't at all comfortable even 3 months prior! At that point she arrived on my doorstep with a long list of what she needed to address.

Fast forward to the day after the grading and her text. "Dearest Marilyn, I did it. I am  Karate black belt. I had an excellent grading- I actually enjoyed it. As soon as I started the nerves disappeared and I was focused and calm. Afterwards I got fanatastic comments from the examiners. They said that I was a pleasure to watch and it was an outstanding grading!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help you have given me over the past few months. You have truely changed me as a person. I have so much more self confidence and belief- I will always be grateful to you for that. Maria x"

How we can help you

Tuning into your mind in the hypnotic state enables you to take control, stimulating and empowering yourself. I assist you to learn how to attain your highs naturally, improving your output and performance. And do you know what? Everyone notices. That's a good feeling in itself.

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See and feel the results!
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Marilyn Tuck

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