Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Regression and Past Life Regression

Regression uses hypnotherapy to go back to the first time in one’s life to when a symptom occurred and alleviate it right at the root.

Past life regression infers reincarnation, and takes one back to a previous lifetime finding a deeper root cause to alleviate a present day symptom.

Future age regression offers insight to the future enabling one to see oneself with a symptom alleviated.

Anyone of these techniques is powerful in the healing process however, not all people want a healing experience but something else. Do read on

Past life regression (PLR) can be useful to enhance a present life in two ways.

Firstly, PLR is particularly useful to find the core reasons for deep rooted fears, phobias, depression, lack of self worth, and illness. You can read some personal instances on the drop downs below this one.

Secondly, past life regression helps people who have had deja-vu experiences and wish to gain an understanding of these. It may be they have just met someone they feel so comfortable and right with and cannot understand why. Or, maybe they have are drawn to something, or some place.

Thirdly, some people are worried about death and dying. Past life regression, PLR, is a great way to calm those fears. All who experience it feel the healing and wonderment that happens at the end of a life. It is very special.

If you are considering having this type of therapy I recommend 'Many Lives, Many Masters' a fascinating, easy read, by Dr Brian Weiss, an eminent psychiatrist.

This is not attempted until the person is familiar with visualization techniques and being in trance.

Two hours is required. Preparation and note taking first, then a long and deep hypnotherapy session, with discussion afterwards of what happened and how this can relate to the present life.

A person can speak and still be in a hypnotic trance. In regression this helps the session to progress. As the therapist finds out what is being experienced the session is moved through various significant times in the life, learning is gathered, healing is encouraged, and then at the end of that life some nice final healing takes place.

Often people recognize other people in a past life that are similar to those in their present life, and often similar circumstances. This needs to be talked through afterwards.

Not all people have amazingly clear experiences the first time. It is quite common to just have short flashes of things that might not make any sense at the time but may make sense later. Others may get nothing at all. We don’t know until we do it, but, being used to hypnotherapy helps immensely.

Other times we can set an agenda of what we want to look for but the unconscious mind has its own agenda and goes someplace else that it feels is more relevant to the present time.

What goes around comes around as the saying goes. Karma happens. So a person may be playing out a role in this life that relates to a past one.

Techniques used are gentle and safe. Lives explored, while mostly seeming quite ordinary, can result in an amazing calmness, healing and relief in the present.

Naturally the more PLR sessions you have the easier it is, practice always makes perfect and I would certainly recommend more than one session. People always want more anyway. It is truly fascinating as you will see from the stories below.

Anne has been drawn to Egyptian things since she was young. She has gathered trinkets and pictures.

However, it was on a flight into Cairo for the first time that she had the strangest feelings. As they approached Cairo airport she dissolved into tears. She said she felt like she was coming home. Other places pulled at her heart, Tutamkahmun’s tomb and the sphinx. She wanted to find out more.

Anne gets amazing clarity in regression and was able to describe her life way back in the time when they were starting to build the tombs up in the Valley of the Kings. She lived by the Nile with her husband. He took a second wife because she was unable to have children due to a fall which affected her walking and right shoulder. (interestingly a similar place that was bothering her presently)

They had a good life, the children became hers, too. She was unable to tell the date as dates were not important. The son and his wife left for the Valley where they needed many workers and were supplying small houses.

She still feels there is more to discover in Egypt and is booked for another past life session. Her shoulder is improved.

One issue holding Marnie back was intense fear.

Past life regression uncovered a time when she was screaming and running in fear away from tsunami which was consuming her village.

We worked through it in trance and afterwards she reported how she wondered how could she really be living in a past life. It seemed strange. Maybe she was making it all up as she went along? However, she said, “When I got that feeling of fear it was so intense, and so real, there was no way I could have, or would have, made that happen.”

Over the next month the fear subsided and now some months later she has remarked how previous situations which used to induce anxiety and fear don't bother her at all. She is delighted and now working on another issue.

Yes, Stephen regressed back to sailing boat times. He was a sailor, went swimming and stood on something poisonous. His right leg had to be amputated and quarterised with a red hot poker. He bit on a piece of rag as it was done and obviously was in pain as he relived it. After that he felt useless because he couldn’t help much, nor fight off pirates.

Surprisingly the reason he was seeing me was the physical problem with his right leg and depression at not being able to support his family. After talking it through, and some further therapy, Stephen became more positive and his leg made progress.

Barb was seeing me with stress but she was also fascinated with past lives and wanted to do it herself.

We thought we would look for reasons why she was getting stressed but came up with something quite unexpected. It was in 1864 and she was having an affair, with this kind and gentle man. They snatched happy moments and had a son. He later went off to war and never returned.

On awakening she said he was so like a guy she had met 3 years ago here. While seeing each other for only 3 days, they had just ‘clicked’. He was however, married with a family, so it was not the right time to take it further. He still texts her and says he can’t get her out of his mind, she feels the same. She had told no one about this. It was quite uncanny how she had been married in the past life and in this life he was. That’s karma for you.

Perhaps you might like to find out more about regression? Here are the views of some people who have experienced past life regression.


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