Money worries

Money worries

Do you worry over money?

So many people do. Jobs are not as secure as they used to be, prices are going up, interest rates too, and it is so easy to spend, especially online, and then realise there is little left in your wallet, or in the bank.

Debt ratio per person is horrendous. Is getting out of your debt virtually impossible? Are you embarrassed about discussing it? Well, how do you make a difference, how could you turn the tables?

Firstly, you have to stop spending so much and so you have more to pay off the bills with.

Stop spending money, with hypnotherapy? I can hear you say.... Yes, you heard me. You certainly can. Spending money is a habit, just like smoking and drinking.

Using plastic is so easy. When the bankcard statement comes it is easy to ignore it, or just pay off the basic amount. Using direct debit is so easy, too, you don't have to think about it, the money for the gym, for the phone, everything just goes out automatically. Using paypal and online methods is the same. Whats a few dollars or pounds here or there on an ap, on ebay, amazon, some gadget, clothes, book, or whatever, it's such a bargain. Yet, it all adds up.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to think twice before spending, and to sort out your finances?
Realise that worrying is a useless exercise and unless you do something today nothing will change tomorrow.

You could actually start on your own. Are you using your gym membership? No?..well, stop it. Look at other unnecessary direct debits, stop them. Look in your wardrobe, use the clothes you have before buying more. Look in your food cupboards, cut the crisps, chocolates and unhealthy food. You can actually do alot.

However, if you need structured help do come and see me. There is no time like the present. My caring approach teaches you how to be proactive not reactive. It involves some good thinking around the issue, some hypnotherapy and EFT tapping. All it takes is a phone call and a chat.
Clinical hypnotherapy and EFT are specialised techniques to help you stop worrying and start taking control of your money. We will prioritise, set some goals for you to work towards, methods of tackling your spending within your time constraints, and I will install confidence to take it forward, even helping you to find a new job, if applicable. If stressful, emotional or relationship issues are involved we deal with these too.

Your new mindset will enable you to make better buying decisions, sort out where your money is going, put money into paying off your debts and start you saving your money.


Stop worrying about money
take control of yours, today!
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Marilyn Tuck

Marilyn Tuck

As a competent hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner my skills include listening, understanding, motivation and life coaching to help people just like you to feel better.

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