Marathon running

Marathon running

Motivation for marathons

Whether you are preparing for your first half marathon or your 10th full marathon you need a good plan and dedication. Your mental state of mind will make all the difference to your success. Helping sports people succeed is a real love of mine, particularly for marathon training.

Be inspired as you run, or wheel. Download the free zipped file on the tab above. It is a quick process going straight to your downloads. When you mix these short empowering mp3s (17seconds) into your marathon training music you will get positive, motivating and inspiring thoughts as you move. 

Hit the download area of the photo above. This is my 2012 Christmas gift to marathoners, and all people who exercise, to motivate you. Great when you are training in northern winter weather conditions, or in the heat of the southern hemisphere.

There are 12 mp3's, just 17 seconds each. The positive phrases include: My thoughts are positive, The air is stimulating, My breath is free, This pace is easy, I feel inspired, and many more. For starters slot one in between every 3 music tracks and then adjust to suit. There is no specific order. Pass these on to your friends. 

Many thousands will be competing in marathons in 2013, each will be running or wheeling to their own times. These phrases/mantras will subliminally empower your mindset into the best place to succeed, and even exceed your expectations

Sarah Jane was competing in the London marathon. She was physically well prepared but she was concerned about staying focused and running for the entire time and she knew she couldn't handle hot weather, she had always faded badly in the heat. We worked with both of these issues hoping the weather would be suitable.

The day dawned a real scorcher, none of her family expected her to start, let alone finish. Little did they know about her hypnotherapy. On finishing Sarah Jane said she never once anticipated stopping. Amazingly she found the heat hadn't bothered her although she ran on as others fell with heat exhaustion.

As she put it,'The experience was amazing, all the people watching, and running down the Mall towards Buckingham Palace was incredibly uplifting at the end. I am so glad I did it'. What an achievement!

I saw Mat on the Friday evening and the London marathon was on Sunday. He had a muscle strain and was uncomfortable but, despite what others were saying, he was determined to run.

I did some of my weird tapping for pain, teaching him as I went, and it reduced considerably within a few minutes. He rested most of Saturday listening to my hypnotic audios for healing and motivation. On the Sunday his family and friends were all out at check points to watch, but they missed him. He ran so comfortably that he finished half an hour ahead of his projected time. What a result!

What an amazing goal! Well done. So many people talk about doing this but few do it. If you get overwhelmed emotionally or mentally or if you find it hard to train with your other commitments then do come for a once off appointment, or better still, join the program.
You will know exactly what you want to achieve so we get straight into helping you achieve this. To get your time down then there are techniques and hypnosis to excite and empower you. Many great athletes have their own mental coaches, why shouldn't you?

Ring for a chat to find out more. Details below

With the 2013 marathon season here Complete Health & Wellbeing at the Citypoint Club in Moorgate is offering talks, workshops and programs for marathon runners and wheelies.

The first talk on 4/12/12 focused on preventing injuries, (Chris Myers of Complete Physio); a good marathon training programme plus nutrition (Ben Leach of SuperTraining);  the correct running style  (Shaun Dixon of Lets get Running); and me, Marilyn Tuck, on motivating a marathon mindset. It was a down to earth, nuts and bolts introduction to getting things right at the start and moving you into the correct training routine to get you over the finish line. 60 people attended, all were delighted.

We shall be running another one in January, probably the 15th. Check my blog nearer the date.

I am running small workshops every Friday evening (5.30 to 7.30pm) at the Citypoint Club, 1 Ropemaker St, Moorgate, starting Dec 7th and running through December and January.

Topics are Motivation to train, Maximising energy, Minimising stress, and Managing pain. You can attend any one or all. You'll take away nifty techniques to help and motivate you. Cost = £50. Min no = 2. More details can be found here on my marathon blog.

Ring me to book 07962 811907

How you manage your smaller runs, and your marathon mentally will impact on the way you manage it physically. 97% of preparation is mental. You have a coach, or support program, to ensure you have the right plan, techniques, equipment and nutrition. This Marathon motivation program dovetails these ensuring your overall mental success.

It comprises one-on-one 90 minute consultations over 2 months, covering all this:

  • Motivation to train regularly, and dump any self sabotage which shows as procrastination, worries, and reasons that make you feel like backing out. 
  • Improving sleep to refresh you and help your body recover quickly with less injuries.
  • Ways to improve your calmness, focus, and consistency keeping you moving safely, freely and easily.
  • Mental time management so the miles seem to pass easily.

and more..

You will also find out in hypnosis just what it is like to run/wheel your own marathon in advance, from the time you arrive at the venue to the next day, so you can be mentally prepared. This is indoor training, in a chair, at times to suit you, in my clinic or on skype, and the results speak for themselves.

Phone me on 07962 811907 or email me here This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Sports performance testimonials; Marilyn's helpful and motivating marathon blog

In 2 days I went from being in pain to finishing the marathon much quicker than anticipated, thanks to you.


Help to get your marathon time down

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