Improve Confidence

Improve Confidence

Need some confidence?

Many people lack confidence or have low self esteem. No need to worry this is easily fixed with hypnotherapy and/or EFT! You will go away thinking,'Now why didn't I go there ages ago'.

Can you relate to these examples?

He was a really nice guy, but shy. He wanted to be able to be confident around girls and hoped for a good relationship within the next three years, but at his present rate this was out of the question. He was also a good sportsman and was ok around his mates, but around people that he didn't know he was a damp squib. He was even avoiding his boss so he didn't have to talk to him. I guess if you are shy you will understand this entirely.

Ron saw my hypnotherapy website and, in his words, took a big punt in coming to see me. Luckily it was a good move. I gave him some delightful boosting and we built on the goals he wanted, one of which was to just be able to say good morning to his boss and another was to help his team into the semi finals. He came back the next week with a lovely smile on his face. He had not only spoken to his boss but he had actually gone into his boss's office and had a conversation with him, and it was easy. He was already becoming confident.

The second week we prepared him for his match and he went away visibly motivated and charged up. He didn't need another session he was on a roll. The girls will be noticing him now! With the work we had done, and the techniques he has learned, his confidence will continue to increase.
Camille's boss was sending her on a training course involving a 10 minute presentation which would be videoed and evaluated. She was really paranoid about this but knew that if she wanted to progress in her job presentations were something she needed to do. She knew also, that when she was in front of people, she suffered feelings of insecurity, nausea, palpitations and even forgetfulness, no matter how well she prepared.

We looked at this as a phobia and under relaxation desensitised her to all her fears. I showed her how to take her focus off the moment and look past the event to the good outcomes. We discussed her preparation, what the audience would enjoy and how to engage them. I explained that some adrenelin is necessary to ensure a good performance. She became more confident.

I caught up with her after the course and was thrilled to see her so happy with herself. Her presentation had been the best there, people had laughed and congratulated her and she had come away on a big 'high'.

How we can help you
Fixing your confidence is just the best thing you can do. Take the step, it is the right one. Within a couple of weeks you will be feeling the changes. You are taught how to release your worries. You get a real boost of confidence and motivation to do what you wish. It is a small investment for life, a very positive and lasting experience!

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Marilyn Tuck

Marilyn Tuck

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