Golf - Improving your game

Golf - Improving your game

Help to improve your golf

Many golfers get frustrated and fed up, or just lack focus, when playing golf. They know they can do better but somehow whatever they do just doesn't improve their game. Some golfers even consider giving up.

It doesn't matter how much you spend on golf equipment your golf will suffer if you are frustrated, lacking confidence or just unable to focus properly for the full 18 holes. It is your mindset that is the culprit. Up to 90% of your golf performance is related to your mindset!

Right here is the answer to getting your mindset right and playing great golf, including some examples.

Jan had finished her initial golf lessons but she was still a bit confused. There was alot to remember; the stance, the swing, the distance, which club? She wasn't as good as her friends and she felt she was letting them down. She was recommended to me.

I helped her relax and take the pressure off. A confidence boost helped, too. She learned a technique to calm herself and within a couple of weeks she was on a par with the others, playing happily.
John's golf was suffering, there was no way he was playing to his handicap. He told me 'I always have trouble on the 7th' and guess what, he did.'My game is rubbish at the moment' and of course it was. He was feeling a failure. His coach recommended he see me.

I taught him EFT to clear the emotional frustration, and then in a pleasant hypnotic daydream, I helped him relax and access a past great golf performance. We anchored this good feeling in his mind, via a hand trigger. Now, when he plays, he uses his trigger, just like Tiger Woods does. He is calmer, enjoying his game and playing extremely well.
Bob loves his golf and is a good player. He just wanted to get more consistency and lower his handicap.

We talked about the benefits of visualising exactly where he wanted to position his ball, on the fairway, or the green. I taught him how to relax and do this, how to rehearse it in his mind.

His golf improved and he was delighted as he reduced his strokes
Some people say the game of golf is 25% technique and 75% mental attitude, others say it's 90%. Do you spend 75 - 90% of your golf money on improving your mental game? Many people dont even think of it, yet they will spend lots on equipment.

  • Hypnosis can let you access great moments in your past golf and bring them forward to motivate your future golf. You know you have done it, you actually can do it again.
  • A deep breath before you take a shot is a good way to centre and focus.
  • Frustration and negative self talk makes matters worse. Take the learning from a bad shot and let it go, before playing the next one.
  • If you pre-visualise a successful shot it is more likely you will play one.
  • Lots of family and work problems preventing you focusing? Learn how to get rid of them when needed, or even completely.

You have found yourself here on this site for a reason. I can easily help you with all of these and more.

If you get noticably frustrated or annoyed on the golf course you are projecting a bad image of yourself to others. Things like swearing, a sullen attitude, or throwing clubs around won't do your golf any good either. If you want to play golf well you need to learn how to relax, flow with the game and, in doing so, you will play better golf, control your behaviour and actually enjoy the day out.

EFT, emotional behaviour technique, is a quick way to deal with these feelings, or outbursts. Delightfully relaxing hypnotherapy embeds this work and the whole experience makes you calmer and more controlled.
I am presently offering specific programmes as follows.
1. A set of 4 covering confidence, concentration, consistency and calmness is for golfers who want to come for just one, or all 4. Great for learning and improving golfers.
2. An elite golf mindset programme, for those who play competitively and wish to reduce their handicap significantly. This looks at both the conscious and unconscious side of the mental game. Full support (including face to face, phone and email) over 4-6 sessions - a noticable difference over 2 months.
I can also work in partnership with your own PGA

How we can help you with your golf

Using hypnotic relaxation and tapping skills I help you to deal with negative thoughts, focus in on your golf game, be confident, and play calmly and consistently, taking you to the next level with better scorecards. Many top golfers use these mental game methods. They have the edge. Why shouldn't you?
Individual consultations and talks to golfer groups, too.

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Improve your mental golf game
Come for golf hypnosis and EFT - You'll like the results!
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