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Hypnotherapy is lovely for children, age 7 and up. They have the most amazing imaginations and can so quickly find their own positive resources. I have helped children sleep properly, improve confidence, be calmer, deal with bullying, bedwetting, improve sports techniques, do well in school, handle exams better, plus many more. They are a delight to work with.

In children anxiety shows as shaking,stuttering, sweatyness, sleeplessness and shyness. On the other hand the opposite behaviour can result, anger, tantrums and frustration. This is not normal behaviour and will not help schooling, nor social interaction.

It is difficult for parents to help their own child, they can be too close, but sympathy and comfort is important. Seek some objective help, this is wise. Much of my hypnotherapy and EFT work is in helping children with anxiety issues. Do ring and have a chat prior to coming.

With internet so readily available, computer games that adults cannot easily vet, and a variety of DVD movies in the house, it is hard to stop children from viewing graphics and movies that they may find scarey and frightening.

As a result I have had children come for hypnotherapy so traumatised that they are miserable, panicking, unable to sleep and concentrate. Their parents haven't known how to handle them and the Doctor has put them on a counselling waiting list. They have to wait weeks during which their brain is looping and increasing scarey thoughts. Not good.

If you have an anxious child is wise to bring him/her for hypnotherapy immediately. One session will make a good start and a second or third will tidy up loose ends. So simple and easy. Click through to the testimonials on the link below.

Fortunately hypnotherapy can help relieve bedwetting. We focus on dry beds and dry clothes. If the child is able to control their bladder during the day, they should be able to do it at night. Often they sleep too deeply to recognise the need to get up to the toilet. Sometimes bed wetting comes from anxiety, sometimes it's something the doctor's tests can't find.

Hypnotherapy is known to help enuresis in many of these cases. With story telling techniques I empower the child to be aware of the feeling and get up automatically to empty his/her bladder. See the testimonial here

If your child cannot control his/her bowels try hypnotherapy, many others have and been delighted.

Soiling in children is an inability to control the passing of faeces and mostly occurs after they have been successfully toilet trained. There may be an obvious reason for this, such as an emotional trauma at the time it started, or it may be totally unexplained. A Doctor's diagnosis should definitely be sought prior to coming for hypnotherapy.

Like wetting, soiling is an acute embarrassment and the child will be shy and scared, especially if other people notice. Once this issue is overcome they feel so much better.

I work to calm the child and so the internal muscles can learn to work effectively holding, or squeezing, as they are designed to do at just the right times. We also discuss practical ways to help encopresis (such as drinking lots of water) and include these in the hypnosis
Bullying in children and teenagers covers insults, either verbal, written or through phone calls. It can be in the form of exclusion, stealing, threats or humiliation, and it can be physical, such as hitting spitting, and touching, either abusively or sexually. It is not to be tolerated.

So often the bullied child is too scared to tell anyone but lives in fear of times when with the perpetrator. Even fluctuating parental moods and anger can cause lasting emotional issues. As parents we all have a duty to our children to protect them and keep them safe.

During a hypnotherapy session with a bullied child I sensitively help him/her to find new coping skills, feel calmer, stronger, and more confident. The results make it very special.
Children are often shy, and they can be extremely sensitive. Some prefer their own space, others don't like loud sounds, or arguing. When parents are aware of this, often brought to their attention by the teacher, it is time to act.

Bring them for a session of hypnotherapy and let's help them be more confident, self assured and happy.
Both thumbsucking and nail biting are hand to mouth habits. A child will use thumbsucking as a comforter and resort to nail biting if anxious. Both are unhelpful habits taking germs into the mouth and look babyish in older children. Thumbsucking can upset teeth development leading to large dental bills in the future.

If your child is still thumbsucking or nailbiting at age 7 bring for hypnotherapy. We do not want this to become a lasting habit like one girl I encountered still sucking her thumb at age 29!
Yes, if your child wishes to improve a football technique, it is possible to do it more quickly with hypnotherapy and EFT. With hypnosis especially for football, I have helped children improve their club games, gain confidence, improve techniques, and even be recognised by football scouts.

An initial appointment lasting about 30-45 minutes can make the mental difference. A further appointment a week later can embed the work. Hypnosis boosts every month can keep them on track in all aspects of their sport.
For teenagers the adult hypnosis and EFT techniques I use are adjusted to suit. Parents are expected to attend, if the client is under age 16. A session may last from 45 minutes to an hour. Things affecting teenagers like acne, confidence, anger, stubborness, anxiety, sadness, exam pressure and improving sports or creative performance can be treated. In certain cases, like for eating disorders, look further on other pages on this website.
I am an accredited practitioner for the Bridges to Success method developed by Olive Hickmott. If your child has dyslexia or any other related problems with reading spelling and writing then this method helps them amazingly within a few hours in one day. Ask me more about this.

Do ring me and have a chat, then bring your child, or teenager for hypnosis. An initial appointment lasting about 30-45 minutes can make the difference. A further appointment a week later can embed the work.
Children love the mystic of hypnotherapy, parents can join in and we have fun. Teenagers really enjoy it, too, and can attend individually with the parent's permission.

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Children love hypnosis,
it can help immensely
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