Stop snoring

Stop snoring

Train your unconscious to stop the vibrations and allow you to roll over before you snore.

The sleep series

soothing hypnosis for sleep

Stop snoring

Do you have problems sleeping? Do you they say you snore or grind your teeth? Listen to the audios in this sleep series to develop new sleeping habits and wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed.

You can’t even hear the noise you’re making but it’s keeping other people awake.

Snoring is caused by a vibration as the air passes the fatty tissue in your throat. This audio works in two areas; firstly in alerting you of any snoring so you can turn yourself over and sleep on, and also in encouraging those muscles that control that fatty tissue to tighten. 

Listen, relax and sleep quietly. Stop snoring will help to quieten everyone.

Paul's wife reported back

That first night, it was so quiet. I watched, yes, he was breathing. It was so different for me, yet, as usual he was oblivious!

All it takes is a quiet spot to tune out for 22 minutes

Stop snoring is perfect for all ages from 16 up. Always listen when you are resting as it either sends you off to sleep, or lets you roll over afterwards and go to sleep. If you awaken in the night you can use it to relax you back to sleep.

Listen at least 5 times in the first week, 4 in the second week, and then 3 times in the third week or continue until you sleep peacefully and quietly through the night. Come back to Stop Snoring if anyone starts to complain again.

All in this sleep series allow you to relax to sleep.

It is easy to buy this hypnosis sleep recording as a CD or MP3

Listen to the taster - Click on the listen bar above. This covers the first couple of minutes so you can understand the process and get a feel for my voice.

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Enjoy! Listen to it often, try some others, and do post a review.

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  • Have just got back from the Orthodonist and the brace is fitted. I listened to your tape, and it was brilliant, thank you.
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