Deep sleeping

Deep sleeping

Allow your system to heal by taking yourself into ever deeper levels of relaxation.

The IBS series

settling hypnosis for IBS

Deep sleeping

They say one in five people suffer with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and there is not much Doctors can do. You are probably having to learn to live with the discomfort, which is frustrating, disappointing and worrying. 

However, research shows hypnosis can soothe, and has even alleviated, IBS within a few short months, so settle yourself down now and listen in. 

You want to sleep well? Well, Deep sleeping is for you.

If you haven't experienced hypnosis before then Deep Sleeping is a very good place to start.

Here we have progressive relaxation which takes you into a deep sleep. When you wake up it is likely you will feel more refreshed and energised for your day. This positively and hypnotically also teaches you how to do it yourself so you can sleep anywhere and anytime.

Fred was pleased

It taught me how to relax to sleep. It really does work.

All it takes is a quiet spot to tune out for 22 minutes

Deep sleeping is the first in the IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) series. Deep cleansing follows and others are in the pipeline.

Listen when you are ready to sleep. There is no end so you can continue on into a deep sleep. (Just make sure your mp3 isnt looping, or in the middle of rock music. We want peacefulness after it has finished) 


It is easy to buy this IBS hypnosis audio

Listen to the taster - Click on the listen bar above. This covers the first couple of minutes so you can get a feel for this track.

Series or single purchase? This is the first one of an mp3 series being compiled to assist many areas of IBS.

For a single purchase, click buy on this page and go through the paypal process.

Download your MP3 tracks via the link given. The introduction track and the main track will arrive in a zip folder and need to be unpackaged before adding to a new itunes playlist.

Enjoy! Listen daily, feel the difference weekly and allow your body to respond normally.

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Marilyn Tuck

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  • Have just got back from the Orthodonist and the brace is fitted. I listened to your tape, and it was brilliant, thank you.
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