Weight control

Weight control

Hypnotherapy has helped obesity, general weight loss and eating disorders.

2 months and a stone gone

Thanks Marilyn, after all those old diets I am pleased to say this Bolt to Success program is refreshingly different. 

Mel, November 2012

Losing weight and feeling good

I have lost 5lbs and it's only a week I have been listening to the first hypnosis audio in the three month weight loss program.  I am feeling very good about this already!

T, October 2012

Weight loss program feedback

I just wanted to say that yesterday I was about to get into another argument with my mum about my weight etc but I kept my composure. Afterwards I did the tapping like you showed me and I felt much better.

RK, October 2012

Weight loss program working

I am enjoying this weight loss program. After 4 weeks I am still satisfied with smaller portions, I am doing zumba 2-3 times weekly and I am more organised. I am noticing my clothes looser because the weight is so obviously slipping away. I feel quite liberated and energetic.

GW, October 2012

Weight loss & alcohol reduction

Hi Marilyn

You will be pleased to hear that you have been getting results here. I 'm feeling much healthier and want to book some more sessions to consolidate the success, please.

Stephen, October 2012

After 4 weeks of listening to the hypnosis weight loss series

This has completely changed the way I eat and the way I feel about food..!  I have lost one stone already.

Miranda, July 2012

MS has started the hypnosis weight loss audios, she reports

This first week has been good!

Already I am eating three proper meals a day, am more aware of what I am eating and even having less at night. I am drinking loads of water and have been to the gym 3 times and walked the dog. My IBS symptoms have improved and I have only had 2 painkillers for my back all week (instead of 4 daily). I am sleeping much better, too.

So far I have had one initial consultation and have listened to 'Looking Forward' every day for 7 days. 

Thank you.

MS, June 2012

Karen's eating disorder had taken over her life

I really was poorly when I first arrived in your cosy safe little room, in that comfy chair and the fluffy blanket and your delicious water w lemon that I was eventually able to drink - that was a feat in itself! Lol.

People say I look really well. I think it's because my head is well now. It was like someone flicked a switch. The voices were there at first, but having being able to laugh at and then ignore them, they did exactly what you said they would - gave up and went away. 

I'm aware now why I got into my little mess - I felt safe with my controls and regimes - but once I really really believed that these supposed safeguards were actually harming me and making me far from safe I felt able to ditch them.

I'm aware that maybe the seeds will always be there to use food for the wrong reasons. But for the moment instead of thinking - "well, I'm not going to eat then", or "I can't eat standing up", or "the plates the wrong colour", or "I haven't got anyone to eat with" - Ah! I can't be bothered with such nonsense, I'm hungry and it's only a case of putting food in your mouth, no more real thought power than that. 

I felt you, Marilyn, pulled out the rotten seeds in all their shapes, form and sizes and enabled me to understand them and how to put them right. 

TOGETHER we made me 'more well' and in a better place. We did laugh sometimes didn't we? And I remember how just talking to you I was able to talk myself all the way round and out of a situation and finally end up laughing at how stupid and pathetic it all was.

Thank you Marilyn.

Karen, December 2011

J is amazed, her holiday could have ended up a fat disaster.

The autumn cruise was wonderful. You know there was all that food and I didn't put on any weight at all. I wasn't even tempted to overeat. It was the nicest, yet strangest feeling, and I am so pleased with the results.

Janice, December 2011

Multi-success for Pat

I have lost about 8 kilos, have had practically no tinnitus, and have been working long long hours without feeling too tired (look - it's after 2AM now!).

Pat, September 2011

Hypno-Band success

Since I had the hypnoband I've lost 9lb!!!!! That's a steady 3lb a week. I feel fantastic and I want to thankyou so much. I'm so grateful to you for giving me hope and my self confidence back.

Chloe R, September 2011

Cecile was committed to her weight loss, and it worked

All going very well so far. It has been surprisingly easy, I have lost 11 pounds so far and it feels great. I listen to you nearly every night and helps a lot.

Cecile, March 2011

A lovely testimonial

What Marilyn does is amazing. She has great empathy and quickly homes in on the things you need the most help with. Many practitioners are one-trick-ponies but Marilyn uses a variety of skills - she picks the technique or combination of techniques that she feels will work best for your particular issue, and the results she achieves are truly astonishing.

P B, February 2011

Julie lost weight with cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy

Just a note to thank you for all the kind help and advice; I am pleased to report that I am already 13lbs lighter (since October)and feeling very positive for the future. As you know, I was not sure whether hypnotherapy would work for me, or indeed how it could work for anyone; however, in desperation I came to you as a last resort and now I am patting myself on the back with my ever growing confidence in the knowledge that I am succeeding with not only my weight loss but in all other aspects of my life that were seemingly out of control! I AM WORTHY!!

Julie, November 2008

Paula learned so much more than weight control

When I went to Marilyn I hoped she would help me lose weight. What I discovered was weight loss was just part of the package, the real lesson is understanding how to be in control of your life.

With Marilyn’s help I now understand that life is about choices, how you choose to eat; how you choose to behave; how you choose to let your environment impact positively or negatively on your life. There is a magic solution too many things - it comes from within - from understanding who you are and taking responsibility for your emotions and actions. It’s life changing.

Paula C, January 2008

Mel lost weight in 2007 and still looks good in 2011

Marilyn's hypnotherapy has given me far, far more than I anticipated. I went hoping to lose that stubborn bit of weight that seemed so hard to shift and more importantly, to keep it off for good. As someone once said, the difference between `fine' and `fabulous' is five pounds, and Marilyn helped me feel fabulous.

As well as shedding the pounds I also lost fears and anxieties. Plus, I gained confidence, peace and creativity, and all aspects of my life have improved, including work, health and relationships.

In every session, I felt that Marilyn was completely focused on my needs and gave a truly tailor-made service. She listened with full attention and then chose the best hypnotherapy techniques from her vast knowledge and applied them with compassion and common sense.

If you are wondering if professional hypnotherapy could work for you, then do pick up the phone and have a chat with Marilyn. The results are outstanding.

Mel H, August 2007

Mel wrote back in early 2011 after another session to help with motivation for her book.

"Just wanted to say thanks for all your help working with me to get the book out. I really felt I’d hit a wall on writing it when we met last year, but with your help I got through that, and ‘Flicks & Clicks’ was finally published last week. There’s a small article in this week’s Welwyn Hatfield Times and it’s on sale on Amazon. It reached no 8 on the bestseller list for ‘Retail books’ and no 12 on the bestseller list for ‘Advertising books’ and already has one great review."

Catherine lost weight in 2007...

I thought you'd like to know I've now lost 7½ lbs over the last 7 weeks i.e. since I first saw you. I'm happy with the amount having figured that ifmy average loss is 1lb per week that would still mount up to almost four stone in a year!!

Motivation remains high. I still haven't bought a single chocolate bar in the last 7 weeks so I'm very proud of that and I'm going to use the money I've saved to have a facial or get my nails done (or both!) once I've reached the first stone mark.

Catherine, May 2007

Maureen experienced a complete life change in 2006...

Just wanted to let you know that I have hit the 2 stone mark and wanted to thank you again. I can't tell you how good it feels to enjoy trying on clothes without feeling and abject failure and to get so much pleasure from all the walking and swimming I am now doing. I have started aqua fit as well, and am joining a weights class next week.

Your help and support really changed my life and I feel so much better for it. Goals : 11lbs to go by end of November, size 12 by Christmas working up to thinking about running a half marathon next year (only thinking at this stage!!).

Maureen, August 2006

Update: Maureen ran her half marathon in March 07, then she trained up and ran a full marathon that October! She is so trim and fit and `in the zone' her life really has changed.

Marilyn Tuck

Marilyn Tuck

As a competent hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner my skills include listening, understanding, motivation and life coaching to help people just like you to feel better.

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  • The hypnotherapy helped to reinforce what I felt I ought to be doing. Marilyn has given me the kick I needed to progress.
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