Stop smoking

Stop smoking

Dozens of people have stopped smoking permanently with hypnosis.

She is pleased her hubby gave up smoking

My husband came to see you 2 years ago to stop smoking and after his 2nd session never had another cigarette. No cravings at all. Amazing.

Haley, February 2013

Marie stopped smoking 3 months ago

I had 2 sessions with you to stop smoking. Since our last session in November 12, I have not touched a single cigarette. I am at the 3 month mark which is amazing. It has made a huge difference to my life, I feel better, I look better, I smell better and I am so feeling the difference in my finances. I think I was in denial about how much this habit was costing me!

I can honestly say that in the last 3 months I have thought about smoking but it passes as quick as it pops into my head and it is never overwhelming, This has been a revelation and I have recommended you to every smoker I know who is ready for the change.

Thank you again

Marie C, February 2013

Gail stopped smoking 5 years ago

It's is nearly 5 years since I came to see you because I wanted to give up smoking. In all that time I have not smoked or wanted to smoke a cigarette - amazing!

Gail S, February 2013

9 months since he stopped smoking

Ex smoker for nearly 9 months now and feeling well. 

AL, December 2012

Vickie's health now improved

Hi Marilyn

I recently went for a check up and the Dr did an oxygen sat test. I am so proud it came in at 97%!  Thank you for helping me combat a nasty habit a year ago. xx

Vickie, December 2012

Stopped smoking plus golf improvement

Teresa here. Played great golf yesterday, more focused on shots. I think I was doing big breathes all the way round. It was at the 15th one lady said, 'You have not smoked!!!' I feel like I am on another planet - chilled out and it's a very good feeling.

Teresa, October 2012

A month on and no smokes

Hi Marilyn

I haven't touched one! I have the odd craving but it passes quickly so all is going well. Thank you.

Jo , October 2012

Charlie sings, to improve he needed to stop smoking

It has indeed been over a month now, and I am happy to report I have not smoked a cigarette, or any other tobacco products in this time. It is a good feeling, although it still feels a little strange from time to time. I have dreams that I have smoked, and feel overwhelming guilt, and when I wake up I have to realise I in fact haven't smoked.

Charlie, January 2011

Many dozens of people have become permanent non smokers like Richard

So far so good. No cigarettes. I do notice other people smoking and I do have occasional pangs but they are fairly easily controlled, despite some fairly stressful situation recently when I definitely would have smoked.

Richard Z, August 2010

No withdrawal symptoms

I thought you would like to know that I have still not had a cigarette and any cravings have completely disappeared! Smoked is definitely something of the past now and I don't even think about it anymore. Even people smoking around me doesn't phase me and it is certainly all thanks to your good work! I have recommended you already.

Being someone who has the weakest will power ever, I was amazed that you helped me crack this, and still am!! Thank you.

Cordelia, April 2010

2 years later Siobhan continues to be a delighted permanent non-smoker

Just a quick note to let you know I am happily still a non-smoker almost 7 weeks since I last saw you. I am amazed that I have just given up and don’t even think about wanting to smoke. I am so pleased to be still going strong.

Siobhan, May 2009

Stopping smoking gave James more energy

I've now reached 6 days and still going strong! Overwhelming desire not to smoke which is good. Just feels very weird - my life is the same but feels like something is missing. Guess its me re-adjusting to a normal life as a non smoker. I've noticed the difference in the gym and running for the train to work - so positive effects are happening already. Thanks again for your help.

James, September 2008

Gail couldn’t believe she had no cravings when she stopped smoking

Nearly a week on and not a single craving! At the times I would usually have a cigarette I think to myself do I want one, and the answer is NO! I can't believe I didn't do this before.

Gail, August 2008

Errol has recommended lots of others come to stop smoking

I had been smoking for 28 years. It is easy to give up smoking, I triedover 100 times but I was never hypnotised. This time I have given up for good. Thanks to Marilyn Tuck for helping me to give up. It is nowover two years and I am not even thinking about smoking. How great is that?

Errol, February 2008

And, many years later Chris is still a non smoker

Marilyn, thank you very much for all your help and support. I feel so much better within myself and I have more energy than before. It is amazing to feel all the benefits of not smoking especially as it was hard to see them when I was a smoker.

Chris D, May 2007

Update a year later: As an non smoker Chris lost weight, became very fit, and successfully moved into an exciting new career.

Rona tried other ways but this is the one that has worked

I had two hypnotherapy sessions with Marilyn and I no longer smoke. During the hypnosis Marilyn suggested to me that I was no longer a smoker. This worked miraculously well. I have no urge to smoke when I go out with my friends who still smoke. Even when I have a glass of wine I am not tempted. In the past this has always been my downfall when I attempted to give up.

Rona, June 2005

A confirmed non smoker from that point on.

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