Pregnancy & labour

Pregnancy & labour

Hypnotherapy has helped these women through their pregnancies and birth.

Ruth's worry had prevented pregnancy for some years

Hi Marilyn, I wanted to let you know Amy was born on 26 May and she is lovely!

Ruth, September 2013

Dad-to-be frightened of hospitals

Thanks for all your help. I got through it all ok with a bit of tapping! We had a healthy boy, Harry weighing 8lb 5oz.

Jeremy, August 2012

Silvia is now pregnant

I just wanted to inform you that after 4 cycles of IVF I finaly got pregnant.  I am 4 months and a bit. Thanks a lot for your lovely suport and CD, I listened to it and it made me feel very happy . 
Love xx

Silvia SP, July 2012

Sophie uses hypnotherapy when breast feeding

I find it easy to do the calming self hypnosis you taught me when I breast feed. It lets go of any tension I may have, the baby seems to feed better and we have this nice connection.

Sophie, September 2011

Kathryn learned hypnosis and had a quick, easy labour

Delighted with the quick birth of my baby. The hypnotherapy was amazing. The hospital staff didn't realise I was so far advanced because I was so calm.

Kathryn, December 2010

Bina prepared for the birth of her baby

Didn't use the hypno at the birth in the end, as I had an emergency c-section. but the sessions I had with you really did help me relax during pregnancy.

Bina, August 2010
Marilyn Tuck

Marilyn Tuck

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  • The hypnotherapy helped to reinforce what I felt I ought to be doing. Marilyn has given me the kick I needed to progress.
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