Healing & pain relief

Healing & pain relief

Lovely reviews from those with aches, pains and more serious illnesses.

Exceptionally good news for Linda

When I got back home from our holiday I had to have a scan, but whilst we were away, I listened to your recordings and this   kept me calm.  The good news is that my scan was clear and the Nurse was pleased with my progress.  She said as I had reached the two year mark, it was a good sign and that I will not need a scan now until next May. 

I am always grateful to you for getting me to where I am today.

Linda, September 2013

'Ease, please' really helped relax the pain

Marilyn, you know only too well how I have been suffering with my back.

Thank you so much for recommending your mp3, Ease, please. When I downloaded it and listened I slept the best I had for months. Now everytime I listen I nod off. Your voice is just so relaxing. Thank you.

VS, October 2012

Andy likes the Soaking and Soothing CD

Marilyn has brought another dimension to relaxation. My dog and I have recently had surgery. Her CDs are helping us both enormously.

Andy S, September 2012

Significant results with hypnotherapy for Zoe's arthritis

I think it's two years since I last saw you as part of some work stress management sessions, and you also saw me for an additional session to help with my arthritis. Since then and until recently, my arthritis was in complete remission - so much so that for the past year I have been medication free for the first time in 12 years!

Zoe J, November 2011

M has IBS, the hypnosis recordings have helped

The recordings you did for me are great and go with me on every trip away from home!

M L, September 2011

Linda listens to her hypnosis audios when having chemotherapy

Hello Marilyn,

I just thought I would keep you updated on my first chemotherapy session yesterday. It took 3 hours in all, by the time they prepare you, fill in forms and order the drug from the pharmacy which took an hour. Then the chemo took 2 hours. I listened to the magic light recording during the session and it helped me to relax as I imagined the healing light flowing through my body.

I also visualised firemen with their ladders going around my body hosing the cancer cells away (they are little black mice). I have to take 4 chemo tablets in the morning and 4 at night. Every time I take them I imagine that they are four more firemen coming to join the fight.

Thank you for giving me these tools to help cope and also for the hypnotherapy downloads you send me. I feel like I can carry you around in my pocket!!

Linda, July 2011

Steve’s acute back pain was helped with EFT

Marilyn I can not thank you enough for what you have done for me. You are the bees knees! This lady has not only helped me, but helped my family and my friends. EFT is astounding and Marilyn's ability to "get inside" and help you "fix yourself" is incredible. If you have any issues I would talk to Marilyn Tuck. Thank you once again :)

Steve W, January 2010

Headache relief with EFT on the phone!

The headache I had had for a week went in a 30 minute EFT session over the phone. It was strange, we tapped, we laughed, and it went. I pinned the sheet to my wall to use again.

Richard, May 2009

Laura’s IBS was helped in 2008 and she has returned to deal with other issues since

Marilyn, just thought I would drop you a line. I am getting on really well now and feel so much better. I am practising night and day and making it a good habit. I am sure that I will see you again in the future –but I just want to thank you so much for helping me.

Laura, December 2008

Learn self hypnosis for hospital procedures, like Suzanne

I used self relaxation when I went for a recent ECG. I just focused on being calm. My blood pressure was spot on, and the read out on the ECG was so balanced the nurse mentioned it was most unusual. I am taking care of my heart!

Suzanne, November 2007
Marilyn Tuck

Marilyn Tuck

As a competent hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner my skills include listening, understanding, motivation and life coaching to help people just like you to feel better.

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