Easily stop nail biting, teeth grinding, picking food and drinking. Reviews here.

Hypnosis for hair pulling, Trichotillomania

I first went to see Marilyn to help with my hair pulling, which I always found worsened when under pressure. At the time I had started an MBA course, and the affliction which had from time to time troubled me since school was getting quite worse. With a single session I found myself able to resist the temptation to rip my hair out, and over time I found myself much more relaxed in my studies.

LC, August 2011

Sarah had been biting her nails for years

I stopped biting in one session 6 weeks ago. Decided I deserved a manicure so had one today. My nails look so good, I am delighted.

Sarah, June 2011

A. no longer drinks more than she should

By the way I have been self tapping and it is going well, drink is really good and I feel great!

AP, July 2009
Marilyn Tuck

Marilyn Tuck

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