Golfers report that they are now playing better golf after hypnotherapy and EFT.

No smoking and better golf

Teresa here. Played great golf yesterday, more focused on shots. I think I was doing big breathes all the way round. It was at the 15th one lady said, 'You have not smoked!!!' I feel like I am on another planet - chilled out and it's a very good feeling. 

Teresa, October 2012

Cliff is now club champion

After those sessions with you, and now returning to Sunny, windy NZ, I am proud to tell you that I have just won my Golf Club's Championship- I have gone from someone who didn't want to get onto the course to Champion- not bad eh??? Thank you for your guidance

C Martin, October 2011

Josefina is delighted with her improved golf game...

Dear Marilyn,
Just a little note to thank you very much for all the help I had while attending your sessions. All your thoughtful advice have been of great value to me specially with my mental attitute. I do not get so cross with myself anymore AND (I no longer throw the club in the air in disgust)!! I seem to be able to enjoy being out there playing much more now. I have passed on your name to some of the girls and hope they might call you and benefit from having some sessions like I did.
Thank you again. Take care.

Josefina, October 2009

John had one session for golf..

I absolutely loved the session! I went away walking on air! Unfortunately my golf swing isn't good enough yet to have taken advantage of the additional confidence you gave me so I am brushing up on my technique. I've got to also thank you as I am eating so much healthier than I used to. It must be one of the glorious side effects you warned me about!:)

John J, July 2009

Pete sent me flowers after reducing his handicap...

I had a great relaxed game of golf on Saturday. I shot 38 points which is below my handicap. This could have been more. I started very consistently and my positive attitude remained throughout the round narrowly missing a birdie putt on the last. My focus was better and I could say that the only mistakes made were due to poor judgement of conditions.

Pete H, July 2009

An Update:

I came to you regarding my focus or lack of it when getting the ball around the golf course. I could not seem to string eighteen holes of golf together with any consistency at all. A bad shot would dwell on the mind, especially if it were one that had some element of bad luck or stupidity attached.

I can tell you now that I appear to have a new lease of life. I have a different approach the game. Rather than play a round of golf in my head, I am focusing on the shot I am about to play. I can for the first time, now actually visualise the shot that I would like to play, and am I pulling it off more times than not.

Just to give some indication of my success from the seven rounds that I have played since your ‘therapy’.

Five of the seven rounds have been played below handicap. (My handicap being 11).

My game from tee to green has vastly improved; hitting the green more consistently than before. I recently played Panshanger Golf Club on two separate occasions in society and charity functions. I have won the longest drive on both occasions.

I achieved Birdies (1 under par) for the last three holes played. The last shot being a putt that narrowly missed for Eagle.

I don’t exactly know what you have done but my focus is stronger and my new found confidence grows with each round. I now need to focus on complacency!!! Shouting your praise from the rooftops!

Cliff wasn't enjoying his golf at all...

Downloaded the recording last night, played it this morning, and have just played 13 great holes (no stress, panic, just enjoyable and decent scoring) before it started pouring down, so its all good here, thank you very much indeed.

Cliff, June 2009
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