Great results for children with bed wetting, exam, anxiety, or sporting issues.

Family communication issues

Just to say that things have improved with 'M' and I don't think we'll need the next session.  I'm doing the "karate chops" every day, even before I'm feeling stressed.  It helps me focus on what's important and what's not.
Thank you for all your help - we'll keep in touch via Skype if we need any "top ups".
Adriana, February 2013

Teenager with sleep and study problems

Thank you for seeing F for such an extended session. I am glad I was there. She is getting a lot out of this. 

S C, December 2012

Twins helped with hypnosis

The boys have been doing really well. Alex is a changed child and has done very well at school this term.

Oliver has made big steps forward. We went to London for a day challenging all his phobias of trains and crowded places shortly after we saw you and he really enjoyed the day. We then went to Paris on the Eurostar for a weekend and he was great.

Liz, August 2012

Fear after seeing a really scary movie, unable to be alone upstairs and sleep on his own

R said this week that he wanted us to contact you to say thank you. He is happier in himself and most definitely happier at school. He is also spending more and more time in his room again.

We can't thank you enough Marilyn for what you have done for him and for us as a whole family. We truely are grateful. The whole summer was so traumatic for R and for us all to see him suffer like he did. It is just wonderful to see our son happy again and relaxed in his own home

Donna, December 2011

Hypnosis help for bed wetting, enuresis

At 11 years old, our son has been suffering from the effects of primary enuresis (night time wetting) for far longer than we feel is fair. Having a huge impact on his social life and his self esteem, we have been seeking a solution in ernest for the last 6 years, without success.

We have tried every option via the NHS and private health care, including hormone treatment, alarms & food allergy/intolerance testing.. All without any marked success.

Marilyn made our Son feel so at ease and made the appointment fun and interesting and he really engaged in the process. After the first 2 appointments, we didn't really notice any difference, but each time our Son seemed to go deeper into the process and remembered less each time. After the third appointment he had 2 dry nights in a row, then after the fourth and final appointment, he has been steadily improving, and has had his first full dry week!

We cannot thank you enough Marilyn, you have brought us hope where we felt there was none and you have given our Son back so much confidence. Your hypnotherapy has worked where every other conventional treatment has failed and I would recommend anyone in the same situation to give Marilyn a call and see if she can work her magic.

KB, August 2011

Help with bullying

Marilyn was especially helpful when one of my boys, whilst in primary school, was bullied and felt victimised by his situation with another child.

Marilyn’s gentle hypnotherapy helped him focus on his own personal happiness so that he was able, in a very short space of time, to effectively bypass the bullying situation and realise his full potential at school. It only took two sessions and the way I see the effect, is that through hypnotherapy my son was able to change his perspective on his personal situation on the inside, which positively influenced his communication with the outside world. He is now a confident child, and since then has not been bullied.

Bonnie, August 2011

Technique improved for Arsenal selections, with hypnotherapy

L is particularly shy even though he is an amazing player. This year at 11 he was selected by scouts to try out for Arsenal. However he did need to be slightly more aggressive in one specific area. This was addressed and while he didn't get in we all know that he is improving this technique and will mature into a great player

note from Marilyn, August 2011

Teenager feared flying and thunder. Mum reports back after holiday.

He was fine flying and also much better with the thunder. He did not freak out when we had a massive storm. I cannot say he likes it but he did not go under the covers!

CH, August 2011
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